Legends of Balkren

Brothers of Rome

The group was told to investigate the disappearances of several people from the alkirian district.

Raid on the Narian Monastery

It has not been a week since you and your lifelong friends received word that another friend of yours who left your home town to become a monk. The monastery he settled in has been attacked by drakes. According to the Harold who told you of the attack the guards of the near by metropolis of Mayrose are preparing the city to fend off any attack made by the drakes but have no plans to attack them at the monastery and that as of the time he left no adventuring parties had dared to risk their lives to save the monks. You gather your old posse from that time and set out to the monastery to save your old friend. On your cross country journey you exhausted your supplies and are weary and so decide to stop off in Mayrose, but before you could get near the city your group was ambushed by carrion crawlers. In the panic of the attack the group split up, shouting to each other that you will meet at the city.

Richard, “The Face,” was the first to make it to Mayrose, only gaining access to the city after convincing the guard that he could take care of the drakes that were threatening to attack the city once they were done with the monastery. The guard took him to the cathedral, where Father Keidric was giving one of his famous sermons, backed by the cities greatest musical talents. Keidric was not foolish enough to believe that the face would be able to take out the drakes on his own, and so sent his henchman Poebas (Phoebus Mellark), to represent the church’s interests.

Approaching the Monastery, the party notices a temporary observation post manned by two city guards who informed them that they haven’t seen or heard the drakes in days, and that the stairs were pretty much impassable because of a whole in the stairs made by a drake who fell out of the sky. Richard and Poebas repelled down the hole into what Poebas recognized as an old Necromancer ruin fabled to exist in this area. Richard checked the cabinets in the room for traps, doing what he thought was disarming them, but when he opened one a pulse of magic spread through all of them, and 5 skeleton warriors stepped out.One immediately smashed Richard in the face putting him down, and Poebas was quickly overwhelmed. The skeletons returned to their cubbords and The two were replaced with their identical twins Dick and Phoebus who repeated their mistakes but fought much better. The next thing they found was a secret room with some wicked ass treasure, which a guard fucked up lifting out of the hole.

After exploring the ruins for a while, and locating the body of a dead monk who Phoebus just had to talk to, Dick and Phoebus purposely triggered a trap, unleashing 12 more skeletons into the ruins. Using one of the scrolls he found in the hidden room, Richard rebuked 8 of the skeletons, and made them duke it out to the death.

Soon after that battle Matiatt came charging in, only to completely obliterate the servant skeletons in the kitchen. Finally entering the last chamber, the party one again suspected a trap, setting it of as carefully as they could. The bone naga which fell because of the trap got owned by Phoebus, relatively quickly.

Continuing on the party found Aden, the nameless monk, who they’d set out to rescue in the first place, guarding the room linking the monastery to the ruins. He’d been meditating there for weeks, waiting for someone to come and relieve him of duty. Upon trying to continue out of the monastery, the party ran into a group of drakes. They told the party they had been fighting the “old enemy” in the courtyard and they had been forced underground to escape. The party decided to rest for the night and try to get out in the morning.

At the crack of dawn, Nameless and Richard sneaked into the courtyard, nameless sneaking right up to the huge zombie wyvern that stood in it’s center. Matiatt then charged in, stabbing the wyvern in the face, giving nameless the opportunity to beat the living shit out of the thing. After a little more fighting they managed to kill the creature, just as Keidric and his apostles arrived to seize the monastery, only to find the party he thought dead celebrating their victory. He immediately seized the opportunity to glorify the church, telling the crowd of townspeople who had followed the apostle procession that Phoebus had slain a terrible blight onto this world, and that he was on his way to becoming an apostle himself.


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